Water Meters

Water Meters are precision instruments that measure water usage in gallons. Built to exacting industry standards, meters are carefully tested for accuracy by the manufacturer prior to installation. 

Meter Damage

While the meters are owned, installed and maintained by the Water Department, you are responsible for protecting the meter from damage. If the meter is damaged by an overt act or neglect, meter replacement costs are the responsibility of the property owner.

Meter Accessibility

The meter must remain accessible at all times for reading, inspection and removal or replacement.

Dedicated Irrigation (sprinkler) Meter

A dedicated irrigation meter is a water meter that exclusively meters water used for outdoor watering and irrigation (typically sprinkler systems).  

If you use a lot of water to irrigate the lawn or garden you may want to consider this second meter to save money on your sanitary sewer bills.  The water usage is billed as a second line item on your water bill, but the water usage is not included on your sanitary sewer bills.  

In order to save money in the long run you should expect to cover these initial costs associated with the installation of an irrigation meter:

  • Purchase of additional meter and reading equipment (billed by Water Dept)
  • All costs to install necessary plumbing (by licensed plumbing contractor)
  • Backflow prevention testing (by certified backflow tester)
  • Purchase of necessary plumbing permits (from City of Stow Building Dept)

The cost of the second meter will be determined by your specific needs and can be charged to your water service bill.  Typically, the cost is between $200 and $300. 

The Water Department will install the irrigation meter only after 

  1. Your plumber has installed the plumbing or routed the plumbing for the sprinkler system to be measured separately from the household usage and obtained all necessary permits 
  2. You have a passing backflow test

Once these items have been completed call the Water Department at 330-688-7491 to schedule the meter and reading equipment installation.  You must have your permit and backflow test available for the technician.

The cost for the service shut off is included in the cost for the meter. 

Your plumber should contact the Water Department for meter specifications.