Water Department

The City of Munroe Falls purchases drinking water from the City of Cuyahoga Falls. The Cuyahoga Falls water treatment plant, which is located at 2028 Munroe Falls Avenue, uses well water as a source.  The well field consists of 18 wells located in Water Works Park on the south bank of the Cuyahoga River. This well field is the source for raw water to the water treatment plant.

The Munroe Falls pumping station pumps an average of 340,000 gallons of water a night into two water tanks: a 1.5 million gallon reservoir located behind Sprenger Retirement Center and a 200,000 gallon tower on Gaylord Drive. Although we don’t treat the water, our city tests for coliform bacteria, chlorine levels, and lead and copper, asbestos and disinfection byproducts.  Please refer to our yearly consumer confidence reports for more information and test results. 

The protection of our drinking water source is the responsibility of all area residents. Please dispose of chemicals, household cleaners and pesticides in the proper manner.