Alerts & Notifications

  1. Emergency Notifications
  2. Summit County Reverse Alert System

Sign up for City-wide alerts and notifications. You can choose email or text notices, or both.  Click here or use the links below.

 There are three (3) main customer notifications from the City:

  1. EMERGENCY ALERTS - This will allow the City to notify you of water advisories and/or boil alerts, construction and road closures, and emergency notifications that we issued. The City does not issue weather advisories.
  2. MAIN CALENDAR - This will allow the City to notify you of meeting dates and any changes.
  3. NEWS FLASH - This allows the City to keep you informed about what's going on in our neighborhoods.

The City's Outdoor Emergency Weather Siren is an outdoor notification of possible destructive weather in the area and is meant to be heard by persons outside that may not otherwise know of impending danger. It is NOT meant to be an alert system if you are inside your house with access to public notifications. You cannot sign up for corresponding weather alerts when the siren goes off.  The siren is not set off by the City. Similarly, the County Reverse Alert System will not notify you of weather alerts.

If you hear the siren you should be looking for emergency weather alerts from your local news, TV, radio, or on your cellular phone. Please avoid calling POLICE or FIRE DEPT. They may be on a call. 

BE PREPARED! Educate your kids and the members of your household about what the outdoor siren means and what they should do when they hear it. Sign up for emergency news and weather alerts on your phone.