How do I close my water account if I am moving?

Contact the water department for a final meter reading and final water bill.  Be sure to have your forwarding address ready to provide so your final bill will reach you. 

If you have a title company involved in the sale of your home, they will typically hold funds to cover charges for water and sanitary sewer in case you don't pay the final bills.  If you don't have a title company and you fail to pay the final bill, the cost plus additional penalties can be certified to the property tax bill no matter who owns the property. 

It only necessary to shut off the water at the time of the final reading if the buyer has not signed up for the service to be rolled over into their name.   Therefore, the final reading should scheduled as close to the transfer of the property as possible.  Because the readings are collected remotely, we can take the final reading any time it is needed without an appointment to get inside the home. 

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