Is everyone eligible for the program?

No. By law there are certain limitations on eligibility. All of the current participants in our community's program will receive a notice of the new program rates, terms and conditions and continue to be eligible. Newly eligible residents or businesses must be located within the community limits. Furthermore, they must have received an "opt-out" notice.

Here are the criteria for new member eligibility:

  1. Must have Dominion EOG (for gas service) or First Energy (for electric service) - programs are independent of one another.  You do not have to participate in both; you may elect to take part in only one if you wish.
  2. You must not have chosen a supplier on your own. 
  3. You must be a resident or business owner located within the City limits. 
  4. You must not be a PIPP (percentage of income payment program) customer. 
  5. You must not be in arrears on your bill payment
  6. You must not be a mercantile customer (using higher amounts of gas/electric)

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