Water Bills & Payments

Residential and Commercial Account Rates

Effective September 20, 2018 all water service charges are billed monthly. 

Effective January 20, 2020 the rate for water service is $23.30 for the first 2,000 gallons and $1.12 for each 100 gallons of water used over 2,000 gallons.  The water usage is shown on the water bill in "100 gallons". For instance usage of 5200 gallons is expressed on the bill as "52".

All bills are due on the 15th of each month (the following Monday, if the 15th falls on a weekend).


Click the link above to go the online portal to view your water bill.

Go Paperless 

Have your water bills sent to your email address, or just view your bill online anytime... FREE!  You may even opt to get an emailed notification before the bill is due, and never have to pay another late fee!  

Payment Methods

By Mail

Pay your water bill by securing a check or money order in the return envelope provided with the monthly statement. 

Pay Online

After you set up a username and password, Use the online portal (SmartBill) to pay with credit/debit card or your PayPal®  account.  (applicable fees will display alongside the total)paypal-credit-card-logos-png-8

Drop Box

Leave your payment, any hour of any day of the week, in the drop box located in front of the main entrance at City Hall.  Please be advised the drop box is emptied only once per day.  Payments will be processed as paid on the date they are removed from the drop box regardless of the date written on the check or the date they are deposited in the box. Bring payments inside if your are concerned about the late penalty or disconnection.

In Person

You may pay in person at the City Hall using cash, check, money order or credit/debit card (fee still applies).  City Hall is open Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays.

Automatic Bank Draft (ACH)   FREE!

You may have payments automatically deducted from your checking account. Download the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Form (PDF) or contact the Water Department at 330-688-7491.  Payments are collected on the due date of the bill.

Stormwater Maintenance Fee

Each property is billed a Stormwater Maintenance Fee. The cost is $3 per month per parcel. This fee appears on the water service bill.  Properties without water service are billed separately. 

Sanitary Sewers are maintained by Summit County Department Sanitary Sewer Service  or call DOSSS at 330-926-2400