Rental Facilities

Sorry facilities closedUntil further notice due to the State restrictions regarding the banquet/catering facilities, the Lehner Community Center and Guise Park Lodge are NOT being rented or reserved.

Financial cost to comply with the new mandates are cost prohibitive. 

Click here to read the Mayor’s order and state restrictions

The City offers two rental facilities for your next party or gathering. Contact City Hall for availability. Rates are listed on each of the links below. 

Lehner Community Center (pronounced "lay-ner")

Guise Park Lodge (pronounced "guys")

  1. City Hall

    Physical Address
    43 Munroe Falls Avenue
    Munroe Falls, OH 44262

    Phone: 330-688-7491

  2. James Bowery

    Director of Public Service

  3. Kristina Simmons

    Deputy Clerk, Roads & Utilities