Water Bills & Payment

Water Bills

Residential Accounts

Residential water accounts are billed quarterly by the 1st of the months of January, April, July and October. Bills are net 15 days.

Commercial Accounts

Commercial and Industrial accounts are billed by the 1st of each month and are net 15 days.

Stormwater Maintenance Fee

Each property is billed a Stormwater Maintenance Fee. The cost is $3 per month per parcel. This fee appears on the water service bill. Properties without water service are billed separately. The Stormwater fees collected are used for the maintenance of the City’s stormwater system and helps to offset charges for the cost of things like leaf pickup.

Payment Methods

You may pay your water bill by check, cash, or money order. Online bill payments are currently not received electronically. A manual check is sent by your bank’s service provider so make sure to allow enough time for on time delivery.

Credit or Debit Card Payments

Credit or debit card payments are accepted. We use nCourt, a third party service provider, for processing so there is a fee for this service. However, nCourt will display the fee amount before entering credit card information.

Payment In Person or Mail

You may pay in person at the City Hall, mail your payment or drop it off in the drop box located in front of the main entrance. 

Automatic Deduction

You may have your payments automatically deducted from your checking account. Download the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Form (PDF) or contact the Water Department at 330-688-7491.